Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick- Shade 101

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I am a big fan of pink lipstick. I don't overly know why, but I feel like it's the only colour that really suits me. Though I do own other colours. The colour I wear most often is the 'Please me' by Mac. As much as I love the colour, it really does dry my lips out and I already have very chapped lips most of the time! So when I saw this Kate Moss lipstick in a beautiful shade of pink (101) in Boots, I had to buy it. It is near enough the same as the 'Please me' lipstick but with a really nice moisturising feel to it. It doesn't dry out my lips at all and lasts for a good few hours. The only thing I don't overly like is the taste but it isn't so bad that I don't want to wear it. The casing is lovely and very sleek. I would say it's more than worth the £.5.49 I paid for it and am looking forward to buying some more from this collection. 

(Top swatch- Kate Moss '101' Bottom swatch- Mac 'Please me') 

Sarah oxo

Monday, 26 November 2012

Stila One Step Correct

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I spotted this very beautiful looking product whilst browsing through Boots today. It has a very unique look to it in the sense of it looks like someone has extracted some DNA, increased its size and then stuck it in a cute pot. But alas, no. At £24 I wanted to hear some views before I splashed out on it. I am trying to find a new primer or at least something that would go under my foundation as my skin is very dry. Has anyone tried this? Or know of a good way to prep my skin before applying make-up?

Sarah oxo

Saturday, 24 November 2012

So White Lush bath bomb

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(Sorry about the shakiness, this was filmed on my iPhone)

I am a massive fan of Lush. Though, I do sometimes wonder if their products (mainly the bath bombs) are a little too expensive for what they are. Regardless, I love having them! This time, I had the So White bath bomb and thought I would record what happens when it's used. To look at it is just a large plain white ball. The smell is a very sweet and calming Apple smell which I absolutely adore. The point of this bath bomb is to actually throw it into your bath (carefully of course!) so that it breaks open on impact. When it does it releases a lovely pink colour and starts to make your bath bubble slightly. At £3.20 for one of these I think it is probably one of my more favourite bombs and I have had two of these so far. This is a Christmas exclusive so make sure to go out and get one before they are gone!

Link to Lush So White page

NYX Precious Gems Nail Polish Review

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I managed to pick up this nail polish in River Island for £4.50 a little while ago and have finally got round to testing it out!
It is my first NYX nail polish and wasn't sure what to expect. The bottle is rather solid and feels nice to hold. The brush of the nail polish isn't one of my favorites as I usually tend to prefer the more flared but I guess for a glitter polish this doesn't matter too much. Although the varnish looks pink, I pretty much think you would be able to paint this over any colour and it would still look amazing. I painted mine over a nail strengthener and I think it looks fantastic without a base colour. I just can't stop staring at my nails! It does take a while to dry which is the only negative but it is totally worth not being to touch anything for about 5 minutes to then have sparkling nails. The reason I think I love this more than my other glitter nail varnishes is because the glitter is so fine it really does make your nails look shimmery.  I am looking forward to painting this over different coloured varnishes and I think I am going to go through the bottle very quickly!


Positives:  Looks amazing!

Negatives:  Takes a while to dry

Sarah oxo

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