Saturday, 24 November 2012

NYX Precious Gems Nail Polish Review

Posted by Sarah Hunter at 11:58

I managed to pick up this nail polish in River Island for £4.50 a little while ago and have finally got round to testing it out!
It is my first NYX nail polish and wasn't sure what to expect. The bottle is rather solid and feels nice to hold. The brush of the nail polish isn't one of my favorites as I usually tend to prefer the more flared but I guess for a glitter polish this doesn't matter too much. Although the varnish looks pink, I pretty much think you would be able to paint this over any colour and it would still look amazing. I painted mine over a nail strengthener and I think it looks fantastic without a base colour. I just can't stop staring at my nails! It does take a while to dry which is the only negative but it is totally worth not being to touch anything for about 5 minutes to then have sparkling nails. The reason I think I love this more than my other glitter nail varnishes is because the glitter is so fine it really does make your nails look shimmery.  I am looking forward to painting this over different coloured varnishes and I think I am going to go through the bottle very quickly!


Positives:  Looks amazing!

Negatives:  Takes a while to dry

Sarah oxo


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