Saturday, 24 November 2012

So White Lush bath bomb

Posted by Sarah Hunter at 13:27

(Sorry about the shakiness, this was filmed on my iPhone)

I am a massive fan of Lush. Though, I do sometimes wonder if their products (mainly the bath bombs) are a little too expensive for what they are. Regardless, I love having them! This time, I had the So White bath bomb and thought I would record what happens when it's used. To look at it is just a large plain white ball. The smell is a very sweet and calming Apple smell which I absolutely adore. The point of this bath bomb is to actually throw it into your bath (carefully of course!) so that it breaks open on impact. When it does it releases a lovely pink colour and starts to make your bath bubble slightly. At £3.20 for one of these I think it is probably one of my more favourite bombs and I have had two of these so far. This is a Christmas exclusive so make sure to go out and get one before they are gone!

Link to Lush So White page


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